Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stations along the way

Travelling by train has always been a favourite of mine, as it was of Chris’. Grounded to the land and removed from the crowded frenzy of highways, trains often provide passengers with a more tranquil and reflective environment.

Although I’d taken this trip many times before, I hadn’t realized the memories which would be evoked by some of the stations along the way – stations where Chris and I stepped off together for weekend getaways and vacations.

Belleville: near Prince Edward County where we spent several wonderful holidays, where we got married, and where we musingly talked of one day retiring. Kingston: where we had a fire-lit romantic winter weekend at a local inn and watched river ice breaking in the misty waters at the bow of the Wolfe Island ferry. And of course, the destination: Ottawa, where Chris and I first met, fell in love, and began to build our life together.

This trip was a way for me to step forward alone but also to look back and realize that I don’t need to abandon that which is behind me in order to find a way ahead – those experiences and memories will help me find my way.

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