Sunday, October 28, 2007

Voice of the voyager

Earlier this month I went away on a trip – my first since Chris passed away. It was a journey of many moods and meanings – some unexpected. Travelling alone for the first time since his death, I brought along his beloved iPod on my trip.

More than simply portable entertainment, it brought me into Chris’ world in a way that I had not entirely expected and brought Chris along with me on a journey where I thought I would be alone.

While I enjoy music, I am not a music lover by nature in the way that Chris was. He experienced music. He breathed and felt and tasted music. Chris internalized and expressed the spiritual, rational, and emotional voices of his life’s journey through music.

I had forgotten how different music sounds and feels when using headphones. The music pours right into your head – into your body – no longer simply surrounding you but spilling out from within. This was how I felt listening to Chris’ music on my journey. He was within me and surrounding me. I felt his love of music and tasted his love of life.

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