Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An unbroken bond

I just returned from a one-week whirlwind visit with several dear friends. The original timing of my vacation (aside from getting away from my wet basement) was arranged to coincide with the birthdays of two of these aforementioned dear friends who just happen to have been born one day apart. A gathering of the 'clan' was set into motion and a flurry of excited e-mails flew back and forth amongst this group of friends who met [--] years ago in university. We try to all get together at least once a year and, so far, I think we've done pretty well.

We've muddled through life's adventures, lending a shoulder or a hand whenever needed. We've shared a lot of tears but even more laughter. We've been to each others' weddings (but under some unspoken pact, never as bridesmaids - must be the dresses!). Helped each other move (thank god those days are over!) and consoled each other over broken hearts (remember 'I hate men parties'?). We're as different as any group of women could be but we argue and love without question. The bond is taken for granted but not the gratitude or the responsibility it holds.

So it seemed that fate brought us all together again this time, not just for birthday festivities as planned but for other unexpected life-changing events. One of our group received thrilling news of admission to a prestigious graduate program at an Ivy League university. We shared cheers and tears of joy and a bottle of champagne was ordered from the bar! Another of our group experienced the heavy-hearted loss of an elderly relative after a lengthy illness. We shared hugs and consolation and glasses were raised in honour of a passing soul.

And so life goes. Our weekend together was in many ways typical of our long-standing friendships - the celebrations, the losses, many a glass of wine, mugging for the camera, the comfortable mundane catching up on each others' lives late into the night, and the goodbye hugs before returning to our day-to-day adventures... each taking with us the strength of our friendship, topped up for another year.

Thanks for the memories girls, and for all those yet to come!


JUANITA said...

Thank you Sanbox for once again capturing the moments and the true sentiments so eloquently! And thank you for adding that first of many pictures we've taken together. That's the one that started it all, isn't it?! I can't stop staring at the framed ones you gave us.

Thanks girls for making that weekend, and all times we share together THE best memories of my life.


AnneW said...

I didn't realize Columbia was considered Ivy League. My uncle taught there in the 60s.

Halleyanne said...

I was thinking about you tonight Sandra. I was watching a show on the Travel Channel that did a feature on Iceland. Remember how you ate puffin? Well do you know how they catch it? They climb up the cliffs and wait for them with a net something like a butterfly net.
(Needless to say they made the host of the show give it a try). I don't remember what you said.. what does it taste like?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely message you have written dear Sandra! And what is really funny is that I was thinking along the same lines while driving home on Sunday. We are soooo different from each other. We view life differently, have different priorities and face life's bumps all in our own individual way. It's amazing that we are still friends after all this time!
I was sooo happy to see you and miss you very much. You seem to be doing better and that's a relief. By the way, there's a librarian position at Trafalgar School for Girls here in Montreal! hahahaha Just yanking your chain! (about moving, not about the job!)
love you lots