Sunday, October 28, 2007

Día de los Muertos

Several people have asked me where Chris' ashes are buried so that they might go and visit his grave. We buried his ashes at Mount Pleasant Cemetery and his grave is in the middle of Section QR, right in the heart of the cemetery.

Although his body was cremated, I chose to bury his ashes in the ground rather than a wall niche. You can find his grave in a clearing under three very tall trees. His grave only has a small temporary marker until the permanent headstone is put in place (probably not until after Christmas).

The cemetery is open every day and is a beautiful neighbourhood park where you will find people jogging and walking their dogs. Visitors may leave flowers or other tokens such as poems or mementos.

A friend recently told me about the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead which is celebrated on November 1st. This naming may seem macabre to our sensibilities but celebrations in honour of deceased family and ancestors are marked around the world in many forms. The Christian tradition is marked by All Souls' Day on November 2nd.

I have memories of visiting family graves in Barbados at Christmas time and leaving beautiful tropical flowers in honour of deceased relatives. I will celebrate Chris' life by bringing him flowers on this upcoming Day of the Dead and remembering how much joy he brought into my life.

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