Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's the little things ...

Things I miss...
  • your voice
  • your arms around me
  • your warm feet
  • picking up after you
  • your soft hands
  • your worrying about me
  • being your sous chef
  • your rockin' air guitar solos
  • your Russian endearments
  • reading the G & M with you over brunch
  • the sound of the coffee grinder
  • your twinkling blue-grey eyes
  • the door being unlocked when I get home
  • messages from you on the answering machine
  • rubbing your arm as I go to sleep
  • hearing you tell me you love me
  • the sound of your key in the lock at 10pm on dialysis nights
  • your thoughtful, sweet presents/presence

Thank you...
  • for filling my life with love
  • for making me laugh 'til I cried
  • for giving elephants voices
  • for cooking wonderful gourmet food made with loving passion
  • for loving me because/despite that I'm just a little crazy
  • for making me feel so beautiful & special every day
  • for being my rock & my safe harbour
  • for trying to live every day as if you didn't have kidney failure
  • for trusting me to care for you
  • for sweeping me off my feet

I wish I'd had time to tell you just one more time how much I love you... but we said all these things - often. We knew, my once-in-a-lifetime love.

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