Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Close encounters of the Canuck celebrity kind

Inspired by a recent rambling conversation with a friend that included a chapter on celebrities* we had met, here's my list (to the best of my recollection):
* Readers will notice a preponderance of political and public broadcaster personalities - that's what you get for living in the nation's capital!


Amanda M said...

How long did you wait to wash your cheek after Herb Gray kissed you? Hee!!

SJM said...

Cheeky monkey - he's a very sweet man! He was/is married to the Exec Dir of the NGO where I worked in Ottawa and dropped by the office from time to time. (Never did kiss my cheek.)

Neither did Michael Wilson after I told him to bugger off on the telephone and then hung up on him. I thought it was a friend of ours who was renowned for pulling pranks. It wasn't. Mr. Wilson was remarkably pleasant when he called back a second time asking to speak with my roommate who worked for him at the time.

Anne said...

Canadian Brushes with Schmarminess..
I was in a skate-a-thon when I was 8 and Jean Beliveau came and skated with us. When I was 16 I sat behind then hunky ctv anchorman Keith Morrison on a flight to California. And I sold pottery to Graham Green and Rex Smith (the ex-teen heart throb who I know you probably had a poster of in your room, Sandra!).

SJM said...

J, you and I have all had Jean Beliveau encounters! Alas no Rex Smith posters. My room was wall-papered with pictures of Leif Garrett and Parker Stevenson - cut me some slack it was the 70's!!

Jacqueline said...

Jean Béliveau made sitting in the middle seat on the plane worthwhile, and was a class act despite the screaming infants around us. As regards Michael Wilson, I'm confident he forgave you. Of course, more recently Juanita and I had our George Clooney and Matt Damon encounter.