Wednesday, July 2, 2008

365 days

365 days... how can they have passed so quickly?
how can they have passed so slowly?


Trying to Get Through
By Hothouse Flowers

Spend a long time on my own last night
I think I spent a little bit over the top
It's just something in a bottle
Made me feel right
And I think that's why I couldn't stop

The man beside me
Had the warmest look of understanding in his eyes
As I went on about the laws the barriers and things
That came upon me and my kind
I'm just trying to get through

We have words but sometimes words say too much
But they don't say enough
The boy meets the girl
Sometimes they sail smoothly
And sometimes it's rough

I remember like a little child
Kicking against a stone wall
That I built myself
I won't give in now
I won't feel guilty
I'll just rise up
I'll have to be myself
I'm just trying to get through
I'm just trying to get through

So help me
I'm trying to get through
Can't you see I'm trying to get through
Help me through

So listen people what I tell you now
Life is hard but it's worth keeping on
Listen people what I can tell you straight
It's not too late to try and get through
I'm just trying to get through...


Tylene said...

Remembering Chris and thinking of you today Sandra. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your love and your sorrow.

Tara said...

I miss him too and still think about him every day :(

Melissa said...

July 2nd will always be a challenging day. Chris left us on my Dan's birthday. So each year I mourn for a life lost to soon but celebrate the creation of life. I am so sad that Chris didn't meet the new love of my life, but perhaps in spirit they have....