Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wending my way towards the light

Last night I had one of my flying dreams, only this time I was awake.

I soared up through the clouds, lifted by the sultry thundering voice of an unlikely angel...

When k.d. lang was a child, the gods reached down and gifted her with a voice for the ages. The sweet purity and luxuriant power of her stunning voice leaves me struggling for words that aren’t cloying or overwrought.

There are many days when, like Charlie Brown, I walk under a cloud that follows me from place to place but last night was one of those times when light punched through my shadowed world.

I wept silently in awe listening with eyes closed to her sublime rendition of The Valley. This was as close to any divine moments I’ve experienced. Words fail...

The Valley written by Jane Siberry (Issa)

Soaring up into the cool starry night sky, arms outstretched, guiding me over tree tops and turning, turning across wide open fields up towards the limitless stars, surrounded and carried on waves of melody.

What a voice, what a gift... thank you k.d. for those transcendent moments.

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