Thursday, January 3, 2008

A memory in the palm of my hand

Yesterday I was going through some of Chris' clothes that I still have to pack up. I paused at his wedding suit, smoothing the fabric, staring at the faded dry boutonniere still pinned to the lapel.

I found two tablets in the inside breast pocket. At first I thought they were prescription pills of some sort because Chris took medications at different times throughout the day but these pills had no markings and they smelled... well, minty.

Suddenly I realized what they were: tic tac breath mints.

I stood there looking at the two little white tablets in the palm of my hand... 're-living' a moment in the past that I had never experienced; a moment when Chris thought of kissing his soon-to-be new wife and slipped breath mints into his jacket pocket.

How funny to find such a seemingly trivial little thing tucked away, as if waiting to be found, waiting to unexpectedly reawaken moments of a life.

Looking at the tic tacs, I was suddenly reminded of a photo I took of Chris holding our wedding rings in his palm the day after he kissed me as his wife for the first time.


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