Friday, November 16, 2007

Gift of warmth

Tonight I slowly and tearfully folded up Chris' winter coat and placed it in a bag with his winter boots. This past spring I had washed it and put it away, never thinking in a million years that Chris would never again wear that coat or those boots. Never again would we go for walks together in the fresh, bright snow. Never again would he bundle up against a damp, biting cold windchill to go up to school. Never again would he search through the coat's many pockets for a missing glove.

Tomorrow I'm going to drop them off at the Boys' and Girls' Club of London for their annual Koats for Kids winter coat campaign. The program collects winter outer wear primarily for children but also for those in need of all ages.

There are many similar programs in communities all across the country (e.g. Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa). If you have unused or outgrown winter wear such as coats, boots, scarves, mitts, and/or snowpants taking up closet space, please consider donating them to this worthy cause. It will warm you and others.

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