Tuesday, August 7, 2007

These are a few of Chris' favourite things...

Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, Social Network Analysis (how ironic), Photography, Reading, Listening to Music, Chess, Cricket

Favorite Music: The Cure, John Lennon, Motown, Pixies, Catherine Wheel, Josh Rouse, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Peter Gabriel, The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian, James, Daniel Lanois, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, My Morning Jacket, early Suede, Hot Hot Heat, REM, Tahiti 80, Manu Chao, Arcade Fire, Elliott Smith, The Decemberists, Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams, Rufus Wainwright, Louden Wainwright III, Martha Wainwright, Feist, Cat Power, James, Dumas, Depeche Mode, Elbow, The Dears, Modest Mouse, New Order, Beth Orton, Sloan, 54-40, Skydiggers, Neil Young

Favorite TV: Lost, Food Jammers, Food Network, Rick Mercer Report, The Hour, This Hour has 22 Minutes, Dead Like Me, Jeopardy

Favorite Books: What's Bred in the Bone, Les Miserables, The Englishman's Boy, Trumpet of the Swan, Brothers Karamazov, A Clockwork Orange, A Fine Balance, Power of One, High Fidelity, Fall on your Knees

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