Thursday, August 9, 2007

Strange & sad coincidence

Today I found out that the husband of an acquaintance of mine died very suddenly the day after Chris. I had called to tell her of Chris' passing but after a stunned moment she told me that her husband had also passed away the very next day. Both of our husbands collapsed at home due to coronary crises with no warning whatsoever. We were at the same hospital, on the same day - she holding vigil beside her husband in ICU for three days before he died, me in Emergency for one hour before I was told what I already knew.

We had discovered upon first meeting that both our spouses had received transplants - her husband a heart, Chris a kidney. This unique shared experience and all that it implied formed a bond that needed no explanation. We kept up-to-date on each other's lives and spouses health on a semi-regular basis. Never did we suspect we would both join the young widows club so soon and at the same time!

To add additional coincidence to the story both memorial services were held on the same day in the same funeral chapel - ours in the late morning and theirs immediately afterwards in the early afternoon!

I am still in shock from hearing her news. I burst into tears when she told me - not just because I was so upset for her loss but also because I knew all to well exactly how she felt. Hearing the news of course also tore open my own freshly raw memories of that terrible day when I lost the love of my life.

In the past month and half I am one of three young people I know who have lost spouses. Up until now I have only known one friend who lost a husband at a young age. It seems all I hear about is death after death after death and I'm not even 45! So much heartbreak and unfulfilled promise... One can only ask WHY?! So much so try and accept...

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