Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bon voyage

After we got back from Barbados in April, Chris and I talked about doing some "real" travelling. That trip was a real watershed moment for Chris, trusting in the skill and services of a faraway dialysis clinic where he literally put his life in the hands of the staff. He was very pleased with the service at Island Dialysis in Barbados and even wrote a cover story about his experiences for his home dialysis unit's newsletter!

Here are some of the places we talked about visiting: Iceland (of course!), Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Japan, and New Zealand. These are some of the places that Chris had already travelled to over the years: Belarus, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania; Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia; USA: Michigan, New York (state), and Pennsylvania.

I have been reading the travel journal that he faithfully kept when he went to study in Belarus in 1995-96. It is a wonderful keepsake that captures his day-to-day adventures as well as his reflections about everything from being far from home and family to Communist doctrine! As I read (actually more like decipher his minuscule chicken scratch!) the pages, I can hear his voice in my mind as if he were reading the journal out loud. I will treasure this journal as long as I live. Bon voyage my love... au revoir.

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